Dubai is a top worldwide travel destination, and there are over 400 attractions and things to do. My friends introduced me to a friend that lives in Houston and travels to Dubai for work. I also recently worked for a guy that used to live in Dubai. According to him, it is a great place to visit and to live, despite the high cost of living. Hey, if you’re on vacation, you aren’t worried about spending a little extra cash anyway. Allow me to show you around Dubai a little by telling you about five of the top attractions you can visit.

The Dubai Fountains are on Financial Center Road, at the Dubai Mall by the way, which is another top attraction. I’ll group these two into one listing out of the five I’m going to tell you.

As a matter of fact, I’ll make it three because the Burj Khalifa Tour evidently is a great attraction to combine with stopping by the Dubai Fountains. It should be noted that the show the fountains put on is every half hour. One reviewer talks about the Dubai Fountains being just like the ones in Las Vegas, but bigger!

Would you like to see some very modern and impressive architecture? As a matter of fact, you can book a hotel room at this next attraction together with a luxury car rental and take care of your lodging at the same time. The name of the hotel is the Burj Al Arab, and it is located on Jumeirah Street.

The reviews mention a sky-view bar, which sounds really cool. One person mentioned that the hotel is in a great location and is a 7 star hotel. I didn’t even know that they gave 7 star ratings, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still, great hotel.

Aquaventure Waterpark is up next, and it is on Crescent Road. The one picture of the park I saw looked really cool, exotic, and two of the big draws there are Poseidon’s Revenge and Leap of Faith.

It’s almost like you can picture some really awesome adventures just by reading the names. I heard that it gets pretty hot in Dubai so cooling off at the waterpark sounds like a good idea, don’t you think?

Dolphin Bay is the next place, and you can find this attraction on Crescent Drive, just like Aquaventure Waterpark. Listen, this adventure isn’t just about seeing dolphins. You get to get in there with the dolphins and play. Can you believe that? It sounds like one of the best things to do in Dubai if you ask me.

On All Barsha South, you find the Dubai Miracle Garden, and it looks beautiful. Reviews mention a butterfly garden, too. I had to squeeze that last one in there, but that’s five of the best attractions to visit in Dubai.

How soon will you be vacationing there? Get ready for a new, modern and exciting type of adventure. Dubai is a unique place, so your trip should be a lot of fun.…

More people are discovering Dubai as being one of the most beautiful and exciting cities to visit in the world. It is a spectacular city to visit for many reasons whether you are visiting for business or pleasure.

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